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The Online Dyscalculia Diagnostic Test can be undertaken online by individuals aged 8+.  For more information please click on one of these starting points

The Dyscalculia Diagnostic Test - information for teachers using the test in school

The Dyscalculia Diagnostic Test - information for parents who wish to use the test at home

The Dyscalculia Reports: showing information you will get after taking a diagnostic test

Dyscalculia Answers to the most commonly asked questions about the test..

Research findings from the online dyscalculia diagnostic test

Who takes the Dyscalculia Centre test, and why


Helping individuals who have dyscalculia

Teachers materials

Resources for parents

Overcoming dyscalculia


Other information

Ordering from outside the UK

Testing for dyslexia


Do you have a question about dyscalculia?

We regularly get questions concerning dyscalculia from both individuals and organisations, and unfortunately in the past year the volume of questions we are getting has become so large that we simply no longer have the resources to answer each one.

Therefore we would ask that you visit our "Often asked questions" page as I believe your question is answered there. If it isn't please do write to us, and we'll create an answer to be added to the page.