The Dyscalculia Test  - schools x 1  The Dyscalculia Test  - schools x 1

The Dyscalculia Test - schools x 1

The on-line Dyscalculia Test prepared by the Dyscalculia Centre


Buy once only use of the on-line test for dyscalculia.

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This test is available on-line.  Once you (or a child with whom you are working) has taken the test you will receive a report from one of the Centre’s  educationalists on that person’s understanding of maths and whether it is likely that that person has dyscalculia. This report will come by email and will be with you in approximately 48 hours.

You will also receive a free copy of a set of materials that is appropriate to the individual’s needs and which can be used to help the individual overcome his/her mathematical problems.

If we find that the individual has no specific mathematical problems at the level at which the test is constructed you will still get a brief report, but no support materials.  We will refund half the fee you have paid.

Before you take the test we strongly advise you to read the following two articles.

The test is conducted on-line, and you will be sent a link to the test so that you may undertake it in your own time once you have placed your order.

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