The Dyscalculia Centre was set up in 2001 by Tony Attwood C.Ed., B.A., M.Phil (Lond), F.Inst.A.M., as an operation that could assist schools and individuals interested in obtaining information about dyscalculia in general, supplying materials that help teachers support those who have dyscalculia, and offering a preliminary diagnostic test which pupils and students can take in order for teachers to gain guidance as to whether dyscalculia is a likely cause of the individual’s difficulties with maths. 

Within this context it must be noted that it is not possible to diagnose dyscalculia through an on-line test, but rather the use of an on-line test can often give an indication of whether is likely to be the cause of a person’s problems with maths and can suggest how this might be overcome.

Where dyscalculia is suspected materials are provided free of charge which can be used by a teacher to help the individual in specific areas of his or her maths studies, as appropriate to the individual.

The Centre thus operates as a way of obtaining information about dyscalculia in general and introductory information about an individual’s possible dyscalculia, without schools or parents having the expense of calling on the services of an educational psychologist.   Our advice, however, is that if the materials that the Centre provides do not help the individual start to overcome his/her difficulties then the help of an educational psychologist would be more appropriate.

The Dyscalculia Centre also operates a free advice service which is used by parents, teachers and professionals beyond the teaching profession around the English speaking world.  In our early years we ourselves consulted with the DDIG group at Loughborough University, and we have since offered support and advice where requested to professionals and organisations as diverse as the state prison service of Arizona, prison officials in the UK, schools throughout the English speaking world, and GPs within the UK.

A wide range of articles on dyscalculia can be found on our website, and individual questions from interested parties are answered to the best of our ability without charge.  However it must be recognised that a complete and detailed individual diagnosis of an individual’s situation vis a vis dyscalculia is not possible via an on-line service, and where an individual has very detailed or specific problems, or indeed multiple problems, an educational psychologist specialising in dyscalculia should be consulted.  

Tony Attwood continues to oversee the service, and Tony continues personally to seek to answer questions about dyscalculia which are within the scope of the work of the Centre.  However as noted above, where there are more detailed issues related to a specific individual, which are not covered by the scope of our on-line diagnostic test, such questions should be directed towards an educational psychologist specialising in the field who will be able to meet the individual and draw up an individual diagnosis.

Tony is the author of many of the articles on dyscalculia on our website, which are re-published from other sources, on our website, along with a number of original articles which arise from questions that are sent in by teachers and parents.  You can find the latest articles on and some of the earlier pieces on   

If you have any enquiries please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.   We can answer questions about obtaining our books on the phone (01604 880 927) but for enquiries about dyscalculia itself it is generally best to email, so that the right person within the Centre can answer the question.


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